Indoor League Rules


Achieve Lacrosse will comply with the 2024 USA Lacrosse rules.
*Bolded and italicized statements reflect the rule changes for the 2023 season.

  • Each team will play with seven players; 1 goalkeeper, 2 attack, 2 defense and 2 midfield, net protectors will be used if a team does not have a goalkeeper.
  • All players are required to wear a mouth guard and protective women’s lacrosse goggles. Goal keepers must wear ALL protective equipment: helmet with chin guard, NOCSAE chest protector, protective pants, gloves and mouth guard; shin guards are optional.
  • Two 25-minute, running time halves; the clock will start on the hour.
    • Teams must be ready to play 5 minutes before the hour and warm up as the previous hour’s teams are packing up. We encourage all players to arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to dress and stretch. The clock will run even if teams are not ready to play.


  • Draws will be taken at the beginning of each half, one midfielder from each team will draw at the center of the field. After a goal, the play will start again with the goalie clearing to her defense.  Players may not step on or over the restraining lines after the official’s hand is in contact with the sticks at the draw until the restraining line is released regardless of number of players between the restraining lines.
  • All substitution will be on the fly. Players are not allowed to stand on the field waiting to be substituted.
  • A goalkeeper has 10 seconds to clear the ball once she has gained possession.  Goal keepers are not allowed to cross the midfield line.  Goalkeepers are now permitted to carry the ball into the goal circle after it has been cleared and played.
  • One-pass rule:  Teams must make one pass once over the midfield line before going to goal.
    • If the attacking team intercepts a goalkeeper clear after a saved shot or a goal, they may go directly to goal. No additional pass required.
    • Any interception from the goalie or any other defensive player in the offensive zone, including a good check to cause a turnover, does not need an additional pass, however if the ball has cleared the offensive zone, marked by the restraining line, and a turnover occurs: one pass is required.
  • A player may self-start after any foul occurring outside the critical scoring area and on any out-of-bounds (for fields that are non-boarded).  A player can self-start within 4-meters of the spot of the foul.   The player who committed the foul must make an attempt to go behind and all other defenders must be 4 meters away.  The defender who fouled and all other defenders may engage as soon as the self-start happens.
  • Boundaries
    • Boarded Field: The ball may be played off the boards. The ball is considered out of bounds if it is lost over the boards, falls into the bench area, or touches a player not on the field. In accordance with USA Lacrosse rules if it is obvious who threw the ball out of bounds the ball will change possession and be awarded to the closest player on the opposing team.  If, however, it is unclear who touched the ball last, the official will award based on alternating-possession.
    • Non-Boarded Field with True Sidelines: USA Lacrosse rules apply.
  • Teams will play with four players in the attacking end and hold two players behind the restraining line.
  • Major and minor fouls will be called in accordance with the USA Lacrosse/NFHS rules.
    • A player receiving a yellow card must sit out for 2-minutes.  No substitutions are allowed.
    • In addition to any major or minor fouls, an official may give any number of verbal cautions or a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct or inappropriate behavior. If a player receives more than 2 yellow cards she will be suspended for the remainder of that game.  Spectators must contribute to a safe-play environment by demonstrating positive and sportsman-like conduct and by understanding and appreciating the unique rules and culture of the women’s game.
    • A defensive player awarded a free position is allowed to self-start when there is a foul by an attack player within the critical scoring area unless the game clock is stopped.
    • In the event of offsetting fouls when one of the fouls requires the issuance of a card, alternating possession is not utilized. This creates a more appropriate penalty assessment by awarding possession to the team that was not issued a card.


All teams play on the last week, the top two teams will play for a League Championship. Seeds are determined by 1. Points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss) 2. Goals Against. 3. Goals For.