Canton Session 1 Rosters

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Achievelax Indoor Leagues at Teamworks Canton, Canton
Session 1 Canton

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First Name Last Name Achieve Team Division
Evelyn Bernard Mass Elite Blue High School
Maddie Brown Mass Elite Blue High School
Haley Carver Mass Elite Blue High School
Emma Freyermuth Mass Elite Blue High School
Skylar Hartshorn Mass Elite Blue High School
Birdie Hawkins Mass Elite Blue High School
Claire Lang Mass Elite Blue High School
Avery LEHMAN Mass Elite Blue High School
Emma McCann Mass Elite Blue High School
Skye moller Mass Elite Blue High School
Mimi Perkins Mass Elite Blue High School
Lily Schmalz Mass Elite Blue High School
Maggie Teahan Mass Elite Blue High School
Ryanne Tomlin Mass Elite Blue High School
Charlotte Wren Mass Elite Blue High School
Ava Aldrich Mass Elite Red High School
Molly Bingham Mass Elite Red High School
Cailey Brousseau Mass Elite Red High School
Meghan Chan Mass Elite Red High School
Rae Hanlon Mass Elite Red High School
Lily Heald Mass Elite Red High School
Bridget Hunt Mass Elite Red High School
Hannah Jackson Mass Elite Red High School
Clare Latham Mass Elite Red High School
Olivia Lodge Mass Elite Red High School
Mia Macropoulos Mass Elite Red High School
Molly Malloy Mass Elite Red High School
Natalie Martin Mass Elite Red High School
Elisabeth Nelson Mass Elite Red High School
Genevieve Nelson Mass Elite Red High School
Emma Van Allen Mass Elite Red High School
Katelyn Xue Mass Elite Red High School
Ellie Baird Moses Brown/FA High School
Ashley Brousseau Moses Brown/FA High School
Sophia Clyne Moses Brown/FA High School
Lucy Cooney Moses Brown/FA High School
Isabelle Cummings Moses Brown/FA High School
Paige Grimshaw Moses Brown/FA High School
Kaylyn Kirrane Moses Brown/FA High School
Elise Kurtis Moses Brown/FA High School
Grace MacLean Moses Brown/FA High School
Kate Mautz Moses Brown/FA High School
Skyler Maxwell Moses Brown/FA High School
Samantha Mocco Moses Brown/FA High School
Sophia Mocco Moses Brown/FA High School
Tara Battaglino Wellesley Red High School
Abby Beggans Wellesley Red High School
Mia Fazendeiro Wellesley Red High School
Meghan Flannery Wellesley Red High School
Shannon Griffin Wellesley Red High School
Alexa Heller Wellesley Red High School
Charlotte Kondi Wellesley Red High School
Reece Kondi Wellesley Red High School
Jessica LaPlaca Wellesley Red High School
Ramona Maroon Wellesley Red High School
Emily Munchak Wellesley Red High School
Kaitlyn Uller Wellesley Red High School
Eliza Chapman Wellesley White High School
Olivia Comella Wellesley White High School
Riley Gailun Wellesley White High School
Bryce Lane Wellesley White High School
Lily Martin Wellesley White High School
Emery McGraw Wellesley White High School
Avery Moore Wellesley White High School
Sydney Moore Wellesley White High School
Tessa nigro Wellesley White High School
Alexandra Papavassiliou Wellesley White High School
Rachel Riseberg Wellesley White High School
Charlotte Tuxbury Wellesley White High School
Maddie White Wellesley White High School
Mary Lou Cocivera Westwood/Walpole High School
Alanna Davignon Westwood/Walpole High School
Charlotte DeMaio Westwood/Walpole High School
Emilie DeMaio Westwood/Walpole High School
Kathryn Donnellan Westwood/Walpole High School
Lily Donnellan Westwood/Walpole High School
Emily Dunn Westwood/Walpole High School
Gianna Frederick Westwood/Walpole High School
Emma Hanifin Westwood/Walpole High School
Riley Harrington Westwood/Walpole High School
Hannah Howard Westwood/Walpole High School
Emma Kerin Westwood/Walpole High School
Ava MacLean Westwood/Walpole High School
Dede mcgough Westwood/Walpole High School
Kella McGrail Westwood/Walpole High School
Kate Sullivan Westwood/Walpole High School
Cecelia thurmond Westwood/Walpole High School
Olivia Williams Westwood/Walpole High School
Natalia Calvillo Nobles/FA High School
Isla Cleveland Nobles/FA High School
Lexington Garrity Nobles/FA High School
Chloe Jeppson Nobles/FA High School
Corey Kumin Nobles/FA High School
Erin Larson Nobles/FA High School
Neta Leschly Nobles/FA High School
Annie Lopez Nobles/FA High School
Sadie Lopez Nobles/FA High School
Maddie MacDonald Nobles/FA High School
Catie McLane Nobles/FA High School
Ava Newman Nobles/FA High School
Tess Van Ogtrop Nobles/FA High School
Elizabeth Bowers Rivers/Ursuline High School
Elizabeth Brunner Rivers/Ursuline High School
Gretchen Brunner Rivers/Ursuline High School
Murray Finard Rivers/Ursuline High School
Lily Gibbs Rivers/Ursuline High School
Taylor Hansen Rivers/Ursuline High School
Maggie Heckscher Rivers/Ursuline High School
Nicole Lidforss Rivers/Ursuline High School
Anna michienzi Rivers/Ursuline High School
Mabel Mortele Rivers/Ursuline High School
Olivia Ruggeri Rivers/Ursuline High School
Eden Scipione Rivers/Ursuline High School
Noelle Stubelis Rivers/Ursuline High School
Caroline Uniacke Rivers/Ursuline High School
Meghan Walker Rivers/Ursuline High School
Reagan Whitaker Rivers/Ursuline High School
Shelby Whitaker Rivers/Ursuline High School
Lola Baill Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Avery Butler Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Milan Byrne Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Rowan Calhoun Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Arianna Casey Blue Jays Youth 7/8
taylor Comella Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Ashley DaCosta Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Gemma Friend Blue Jays Youth 7/8
TONI LALLY Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Sophia Newman Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Lily O’Neill Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Maeve O’Reilly Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Sophia Scandura Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Maia Soni Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Caroline Specht Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Kate Sutphin Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Emerson Vanni Blue Jays Youth 7/8
Helen Baranano Lions Youth 7/8
allison chung Lions Youth 7/8
Maddie Coggins Lions Youth 7/8
Ashley Dimnaku Lions Youth 7/8
Audrey Ferry Lions Youth 7/8
Emerson Ferry Lions Youth 7/8
layla hammer Lions Youth 7/8
Rory Hartnett Lions Youth 7/8
Katy Hassanein Lions Youth 7/8
Jessie Heller Lions Youth 7/8
Whitney Jellison Lions Youth 7/8
Olivia Kwan Lions Youth 7/8
Catherine mccool Lions Youth 7/8
Barrett Saxe Lions Youth 7/8
Taylor Thompson Lions Youth 7/8
Lila Thornton Lions Youth 7/8
Brynn Aldrich Terrapins Youth 7/8
Lexie Bearce Terrapins Youth 7/8
Emma Bissinger Terrapins Youth 7/8
Clara Blongastainer Terrapins Youth 7/8
Lorien Boehl Terrapins Youth 7/8
Emma FitzPatrick Terrapins Youth 7/8
Aria GIARDINO Terrapins Youth 7/8
Riley Halloran Terrapins Youth 7/8
Lydia Kealty Terrapins Youth 7/8
Codi Lai Terrapins Youth 7/8
Julia Lanagan Terrapins Youth 7/8
Abigail Latham Terrapins Youth 7/8
Zoe Maher Terrapins Youth 7/8
Cassidy McMillin Terrapins Youth 7/8
Ava Meredith Terrapins Youth 7/8
Sadie Nash Terrapins Youth 7/8
Kate Swenson Terrapins Youth 7/8
Hailey Yates Terrapins Youth 7/8
Caroline Baglio Wildcats Youth 7/8
Millie Brady Wildcats Youth 7/8
Jocelyn Burke Wildcats Youth 7/8
Georgia Epperson Wildcats Youth 7/8
Annabelle Kenney Wildcats Youth 7/8
Nia Kirrane Wildcats Youth 7/8
Jacquelynn Lally Wildcats Youth 7/8
Isabel Morse Wildcats Youth 7/8
Paige Moyer Wildcats Youth 7/8
Somerby Newton Wildcats Youth 7/8
Sarah O’Rourke Wildcats Youth 7/8
Eleanor Park Wildcats Youth 7/8
Thea Salem Wildcats Youth 7/8
Lily Southall Wildcats Youth 7/8
Augusta Willis Wildcats Youth 7/8
Maggie Wren Wildcats Youth 7/8
Mia Zevallos Wildcats Youth 7/8
Sophia Zevallos Wildcats Youth 7/8
Brynn Andrus Cardinals Youth 5/6
Natalie Brown Cardinals Youth 5/6
Sammi Brown Cardinals Youth 5/6
Reagan Cassedy Cardinals Youth 5/6
Charlotte Egan Cardinals Youth 5/6
Piper Friedman Cardinals Youth 5/6
Brin Gilula Cardinals Youth 5/6
Brooke Hanser Cardinals Youth 5/6
Amelia Kavey Cardinals Youth 5/6
Zana Kraut Cardinals Youth 5/6
Ailie Newton Cardinals Youth 5/6
Bridget O’Malley Cardinals Youth 5/6
Leah Pelletier Cardinals Youth 5/6
Ella Vaill Cardinals Youth 5/6
Paige Davis Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Isabelle Dwyer Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Camille Enders Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Kate Grzeskowiak Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Anna Haggerty Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Paige Konover Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Estella Ladimer Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Kelsey Leahy Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Sara Maroney Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Rory ONeill Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Margaret Pollenz Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Melina Simmoneau Cavaliers Youth 5/6
Iya Abrams Eagles Youth 5/6
Laura Casey Eagles Youth 5/6
Quinn Cramer Eagles Youth 5/6
Sydney Grossman Eagles Youth 5/6
Kacie Lin Eagles Youth 5/6
Caitlin Lynch Eagles Youth 5/6
Hailey Lynch Eagles Youth 5/6
Harper McIntosh Eagles Youth 5/6
Sayer McIntosh Eagles Youth 5/6
Sophia Motley Eagles Youth 5/6
aubrey orraca-cecil Eagles Youth 5/6
Julia Poe Eagles Youth 5/6
Lexi Quandt Eagles Youth 5/6
Annie Ren Eagles Youth 5/6
Louisa Siegal Eagles Youth 5/6
Elizabeth Williams Eagles Youth 5/6
Bronwyn Apicella Orange Youth 5/6
gigi boney Orange Youth 5/6
Lucy Bowers Orange Youth 5/6
Morgan Gerhart Orange Youth 5/6
Claire Iglowski Orange Youth 5/6
Rosemary Lacaillade Orange Youth 5/6
Eliza Lopez Orange Youth 5/6
Georgia MAHER Orange Youth 5/6
mia marimow Orange Youth 5/6
Elodie Masdea Orange Youth 5/6
Leah Peck Orange Youth 5/6
Danielle peskin Orange Youth 5/6
Madison Prouty Orange Youth 5/6
Ava Sargent Orange Youth 5/6
Hayden Schmitt Orange Youth 5/6
Lexi Uber Orange Youth 5/6
Roxanne Willis Orange Youth 5/6
Eleanor Barrett Panthers Youth 5/6
Claire D’Addio Panthers Youth 5/6
Cecily Dorr Panthers Youth 5/6
Isabella Dupre Panthers Youth 5/6
Mallory Feetham Panthers Youth 5/6
Bridget Fivek Panthers Youth 5/6
Patsy Jellison Panthers Youth 5/6
Virginia Jellison Panthers Youth 5/6
Brooke Mattera Panthers Youth 5/6
Avery McMillin Panthers Youth 5/6
Elle Pezzuto Panthers Youth 5/6
Charley Sesselman Panthers Youth 5/6
Ryan Towl Panthers Youth 5/6
Tessa Viano Panthers Youth 5/6
Finley Walsh Panthers Youth 5/6
Scarlett Daly Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Grace Donahue Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Eloise Dunn Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Kate Fradette Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Mia Hamilton Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Camilla Hug Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Eleanor Kidd Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Julia Naughton Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Ella petrillo Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Emily Siciliano Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Ella silva Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Pamela Stowers Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Sylvie Stratford Tar Heels Youth 5/6
Virginia Baranano Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Blake Barnes Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Rhys Bevis Bulldogs Youth 3/4
May Curry Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Libby Delahunty Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Winnie Delahunty Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Delaney Farkes Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Emily Hennessey Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Eloise Iglowski Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Poppy Maher Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Quin OBrien Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Devon Peel Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Eloise Richardson Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Maggie Riordan Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Leila Segalini Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Libby Shirley Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Harper Vandiver Bulldogs Youth 3/4
Lucia Adams Tigers Youth 3/4
Camille Cleary Tigers Youth 3/4
Julietta Foresi Tigers Youth 3/4
Fiona Geraghty Tigers Youth 3/4
Lizzy Hamilton Tigers Youth 3/4
Anna Hug Tigers Youth 3/4
Andersen Leggett Tigers Youth 3/4
June Lopez Tigers Youth 3/4
Violet Mabry Tigers Youth 3/4
Grace Moyer Tigers Youth 3/4
Erin Mundt Tigers Youth 3/4
Lila Murphy Chancogne Tigers Youth 3/4
Caitlin Ryan Tigers Youth 3/4
Reagan Stowers Tigers Youth 3/4
Reid vadala Tigers Youth 3/4
Reagan Young Tigers Youth 3/4